History of the House

It was around 1614 that some members of the Grifoni family, originally from Poppi, moved to Pagliericcio where they continued the wool industry they had at Stia, weaving the wool and managing the existing fulling-mills.

In the year 1832 all of the wool industry goods in Pagliericcio became the exclusive possession of the  Grifoni brothers Bartolomeo, Giuseppe and Luigi; it will remain their undivided property for the next hundred and fifty years, that is until the recent dissolution of their enterprise.

Characteristically, the Grifoni wool factory dealt exclusively with brand new wool, thus avoiding the use of other alien fibers as was then customary, even if in small quantities, in other wool factories of the Casentino.

The Grifoni wool production was intended chiefly for convents and carthusian monasteries, some of them abroad, such as la Chartreuse de Grenoble, which were purchasing the Pagliericcio clothes. The Grifoni’s were also fine manufacturers of the “panno del Casentino”, a cloth with a particular curly touch, still typical to these days of the Casentino valley. (Quoted from “The wool art in the Casentino” by Pier Luigi della Bordetta).

The most spacious and ample house in the area, built in 1521, preserves the memory of its illustrious first owner, Bartolomeo (Meo) Grifoni, in its name: “Casa Meo”.